BioTechUSA - IsoTonic Orange-Mango 10x40g

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Biotech IsoTonic Hydrate & Energize 

Keeping your body fully hydrated is extremely vital if you regularly participate in high-endurance sports activities, such as cycling, running, or swimming. If you need a refreshing source of energy and electrolytes for your high-endurance training, the answer is none other than Biotech IsoTonic Hydrate & Energize!

Biotech IsoTonic Hydrate & Energize is all about giving you the fuel you need to perform at your best during high-endurance sports activities. This hydrating drink is loaded with fast-absorbing carbohydrates that will keep your energy levels running high, without making you feel bloated and slow. You also get to enjoy a host of vitamins and minerals that will replace electrolytes that have been depleted while you train.

What benefits do you get by loading up on Biotech IsoTonic Hydrate & Energize?

  • High levels of energy that lasts from start to finish!
  • Protection against dehydration, muscle cramps, and premature exhaustion!
  • Boosts exercise performance!

Biotech IsoTonic Hydrate & Energize is designed to taste exciting, ensuring that you always take a sip and never get dehydrated while you exercise.

Experience long-lasting energy and reliable hydration at the same time... fuel your endurance training only with Biotech IsoTonic Hydrate & Energize!

Dilute 40g in 500ml of water

Expiring dates: 21/08/2021